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'5 Solutions For Dealing
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Don"t get the "low appraisal blues."  Get this FREE REPORT: "5 Solutions For Dealing With A Low Appraisal."

You know what can happen: The contract on your home is signed and details are progressing nicely.  You felt it was safe to go ahead with inspections and the results were acceptable.  The closing date is on target.  Everyone is waiting for the results of the home appraisal so that a loan commitment letter can be issued.  No one is too worried, because the house sold for an appropriate price, and appraisals have a magical way of coming in just where they need to be.

Then you get "the" phone call.  You get a low appraisal.  Now you need a solution because the home appraisal is $8,000 less than the sales price.  You or the seller may have another contract that hinges on a successful completion of this one, and getting bad news can make everyone a basket case, especially when it's close to closing day.  Buyers, sellers, and agents all panic -- is there a solution to this low appraisal?

Absolutely!  First send for this FREE REPORT: "5 Solutions For Dealing With A Low Appraisal."

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