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Take the same item of clothing or jewelry.  The exact same item.  One is sold in an upscale department store... the other at a discounter.  Which store will likely charge more ... and get it... for that "exact" same item?


Of course the "upscale" store.  Why?  M A R K E T I N G


So when I tell you that my special marketing technologies can often get my sellers at least an extra $5,000.00 for their property... believe it.


Here"s another example of how creative marketing turned "nothing" into something hugely rewarding...  Post-its.  Yes those little sticky pieces of paper you have all over your desk.

Did you know that the creation of "Post-Its" was an accident?  Millions of people use these handy stick-um notes daily.  But did you know that if it wasn"t for a clever group of marketing people... "Post-Its" wouldn"t be on your desk today?  It seems that a scientist at the 3M Company in Minnesota (famous for "Scotch Tape" and other adhesive products) invented a glue that didn"t stick very well.

All the other scientists at 3M laughed at him for this gigantic boo-boo.  In a company famous for "sticky products"... this scientist created a glue that didn"t stick very well!

Some people at 3M"s marketing department heard about this "laboratory mistake."  They started thinking, what can they do with a glue that doesn"t stick very well?  ... Today "Post-Its" earns 3M over 2 billion dollars a year!

I could give you many other examples, but I"m sure you get the point.  The number one reason I can assure my sellers the most money, quickest sale, with no surprises is through my creative marketing!  So send now for this report and I"ll reveal my marketing secrets to you!

“Sell For At Least $5,000.00 More!”


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