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105 Point Pre-Selling Inspection Checklist


To get the most money for your property, fastest sale, and with no "surprises," ... get this FREE CHECKLIST:  "105 Point Pre-Selling Inspection Checklist."


If you don"t find the problem "first"... most assuredly the buyer will and use that flaw to negotiate a lower price  --- costing you money.  Most homeowners think they know where all the problems are in their house.  After all, they live there every day.  But this "105 Point Pre-Selling Inspection Checklist" covers dozens of items that are usually forgotten in preparation for putting the property on the market.


So why wait for the buyer to say: “I noticed that the downspout drainage is not directed away from the house.”  Why give the buyer any negotiating edge?  Use this seller inspection checklist to identify the 105 most important things that should have the "green light" before you list your house.


And as you probably know, sellers are required to provide a written disclosure about anything that might be defective in the property.  Many, many lawsuits could have been avoided and thousands of dollars in legal fees saved if the homeowner had only taken a few minutes to read through this free checklist:

"105 Point Pre-Selling Inspection Checklist."  Send for it now!


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