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“Why didn"t my house sell?”


Most agents will tell you the number 1 reason why your property didn"t sell was that it was over-priced.  I"m telling you, probably, the number 1 reason why it didn"t sell was because it was: under-promoted.  Unless your property was crazily way, way over-priced, then what you needed was the best marketing agent to ensure you TOP DOLLAR.  Me.  And I can prove that.  Send now for this FREE REPORT:  “Why didn"t my house sell?”

Before you laugh and think that I"m bragging, let me demonstrate the importance of creative marketing. 

Did you know that the success of the child"s toy "Silly Putty" is purely a result of great ... advertising?  "Silly Putty" is a manufacturing by-product of certain plastics... which used to be thrown away.  No one would of heard of it, let alone the millions of children who play with it daily, if it wasn"t for a sharp advertising executive who knew how to capitalize on it"s unique "fun" features.  Last year "Silly Putty" had over 100 million dollars in sales!

If some advertising exec can turn "manufacturing waste" into hundreds of millions of dollars ...  do you still think your house was a "lemon"?  Or was it your last real estate agent that was the "lemon"?  Send now for this FREE REPORT:  “Why didn"t my house sell?”


In my report, “Why didn"t my house sell?” ... I will share with you THREE UNIQUE MARKETING STRATEGIES that your last agent did not use.  Period.  I am one of a handful of agents across North America who utilize three special promotional technologies to assure you TOP DOLLAR in the SHORTEST TIME.


Send now for this FREE REPORT:  “Why didn"t my house sell?”

Dan McWhorter
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