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10 Things Your Mover Won"t Tell You


Moving is one of the most emotionally challenging experiences in our lifetimes.  So you"d think that moving companies would have a certain sensitivity about our needs.  Yeah right.  Arm yourself fast and get this FREE REPORT:  “10 Things Your Mover Won"t Tell You.”


Moving companies large and small tend to be pretty rough around the edges -- and the situation has gotten much worse since Congress stupidly eliminated the Interstate Commerce Commission, which formerly regulated interstate movers.  Your complaints will almost always fall on "deaf ears" unless you get this FREE REPORT:   “10 Things Your Mover Won"t Tell You.”


A General Accounting Office report recently found the problem is growing more severe but stopped short of recommending that the states be given more authority to protect consumers.  That"s our "good government" looking out for us consumers. (yeah, right).


The government"s largely "hands-off" approach to moving complaints that have nearly tripled in the last decade means one thing:  BUYER/CONSUMER BEWARE.  So before you even THINK about calling a moving company, guard yourself against the "moving pirates and swindlers" by sending now for this FREE REPORT:  “10 Things Your Mover Won"t Tell You.”

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