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12 Steps To Get The Buyer To Say: "YES!"


"Don't Let Your Tongue Cut Your Throat." Ben Franklin


If you want your Buyer to say "Yes," then make sure your agent isn"t still using canned tactics of rapid-fire pre-memorized sentences; badgering demands; refusing to hear "no," and a slew of other high-pressure, ill-mannered practices.   


The true real estate professional knows that the fine art of salesmanship is not glib talk and charm.  "Smiles" are great, just make sure it"s not a substitute for ignorance or arrogance.  Send now for my FREE REPORT:  "12 Steps To Get The Buyer To Say: "YES!"


The two biggest mistakes that ordinary salespersons make are not listening and not shutting up.  Think about it.  How do you feel about the person that pays little attention to what you say, ignores your comments and rattles on and on?


These "slick" approaches to selling make a fatal assumption- they assume that all of us are the same, thinking we are homogenized creatures, and ignore our individuality. While that may work with mass advertising -- it does not apply to one on one, home buyer vs. home seller situations.  I know how to help my Sellers win  through my 12 negotiating steps that I use in every transaction.


Make sure your next agent is a skilled negotiator.  It"s worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you.  Don"t risk the years of equity you"ve built in your home to a beginner.   Send now for my FREE REPORT:  "12 Steps To Get The Buyer To Say: "YES!"

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