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That"s right!  I"ll advertise your house for sale right here on my website – FREE!


Now why would I offer that? 


Because that will attract more buyers to my website. 


You can tell interested buyers to visit my website to see your property photos and get detailed information about your house.  You can email me the photos.  Of, if you want, I"ll even come out to your property and take the photos with my digital camera -- FREE.  I know how to "stage a home" to ensure maximum appeal so you will get the most money possible for your property.  And that"s what you want, right?


Costs you nothing for this service.  And by featuring your property on my professional real estate website, it will help you to pre-qualify buyers. You can save valuable time by not having to show your property to "lookie-lews" and bargain hunters. They can even print a full color flyer of your house right from my website – free. And they can email that full color flyer to themselves or friends that might be interested in buying your house.


You see, by allowing you to advertise FREE on my website, it helps both of us.  Let"s say you have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.  And you tell buyers to go look at here at my website.  They see it.  They like it.  They can even print a full color flyer of your house right from my website – free.


But, maybe they really want a larger house.  Maybe they really want a house clear across town.  Maybe they want features that your house doesn"t have.  By steering these buying leads to my website you help me interest these buyers in properties better suited to their needs.


This is a "win-win" offer for the both of us.  So please take a moment to send for the directions on how you can advertise on my website.... FREE!

Dan McWhorter
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